Uji Daya Hasil Beberapa Genotipe Cabai (Capsicum annuum L.) Toleran pada Lahan Gambut

Elza Zuhry ', Deviona ' ', M. Syukur ' ', Sriani Sujiprihati ', Telphy ' '


The objective of this research was to evaluate the yield of several genotypes of chili peppers which are to peat soil
tolerant. The research was arranged in Randomized Block Design (RBD) consisting of 20 treatments with three
replications. The treatment consisted of 20 genotypes of chili i.e.: genotype C2, C120, C51, C111, C105, C117, C118,
C157, C159, F5110005-91-13-5, F5110005-91-13-12, F8002005-2-9-12-1, C140, C5, C18, C19, C143, F512005-5-11-
1, C145 and C160. Parameters observed were: the age of flower appearance, height dicotomous, plant height, stem
diameter, canopy width, leaf length, leaf width, age of harvest, fruit length, stalk length of fruit, fruit diameter, weight per
fruit, fruit weight per plant. The results showed that all genotypes had variouses adaptability in peat soil. C118 and
C160 gave the lowest yield, C18 and C105 gave the medium yield, whereas C2 and C143 gave the highest yield.

Keywords: Capsicum annum, peat soil, yield.

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