Optimalisasi Produksi Kedelai [Glysine max (L) Merril] pada Kebun Kelapa Sawit di Lahan Gambut dengan Aplikasi Beberapa Komposisi Pupuk dan Pembenah Tanah

Armaini ' ', Erlida Ariani ', Sri Yoseva ', Edison Anom '


Planting soybean among oil palm plantations on peat land, with the addition of nutrients and ameliorant with a
certain incubation of period, can maintain availability of nutrients for both plants. A research has been by using a
completely randomized design (CRD) consisting of 5 in organic fertilizer and soil ameliorants as treatments and 4
replications. The objective of this research is to optimize the production of soybean plants and to formulate package of
efficient technology and environmentally friendly. The results indicated that the use of ameliorant ash organic matter
and ash, with a minimum of inorganic fertilizer, application the best effect on the growth and production of soybean gave
the highest production efficiency obtained at 25% of inorganic fertilizer application 15 tons of organic material, 3 tons
of ash after 2 weeks of incubator period This 3 treatments gave 170% higher production than that of no application.

Keywords: soybean, fertilizer composition, production

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