Multiplikasi Tunas Nanas Bogor (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) cv. Queen dengan Menggunakan Hormon Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) dan Benzyl Amino Purin (BAP )

Imam Mahadi


Pineapple Bogor fruits (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) cv. Queen or Nanas bogor is tropical fruits included horticultural crops. This fruit is often used to make juices, flavorings and food ingredients. This reserach aimed to determine the effect of IAA and BAP on shoot multiplication Bogor pineapple fruits on MS medium. The study was conducted using methode completely randomized design (CRD) factorial with two factors and three replications. The first factor is the concentration of IAA with 4 level is 0-1.5 ppm. The second factor is the BAP with 4 degree of concentration is 0-3 ppm. Parameters measured were while emerging shoots, number of shoots and shoots high. The data were number of shoots and shoots high were analyzed by ANOVA and tested further by DMRT at 5% level, while the shoots emerge as a descriptive made by counting the days when buds first appear with a marked greenish white bumps on the surface explants. Theresults showed that a growing percentage of explants is 100%, the currently the fastest emerging shoots 3.67 after initiated  on treatment A0B2, A0, 5B1  and A1B1. The mean number of shoots of nanas bogor cv. Queen highest found in treatment A0,5B3 is 12. The mean height is 5 cm tallest shoots in treatment A1B0. The results of this research concluded that the combination treatment of A0,5B3  is the best treatment combination in the multiplication shoots of nanas bogor cv. Queen.


Shoot Multiplications; Nanas bogor cv. Queen; IAA; BAP

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